Carpet Impressions | Foundation, flooring, and fibers… oh my!
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Foundation, flooring, and fibers… oh my!

Foundation, flooring, and fibers… oh my!

Making the most of the Carpet Impressions Showroom

When you come into our showroom, it may surprise you that we don’t stock carpet or hold inventory. And while we have samples galore, it is the one-on-one interaction between our sales team and the client that manifests a pitch-perfect application.

We start with questions. A lot of questions. Meeting our clients where they are is the cornerstone of our sales process. It’s what turns first timers into loyal regulars.

How does your client actually live? Do they have kids? Pets? Where do you want to have the most impact? What look are we aiming for? Textures? Colors?

Go deep and wide into style. What’s the budget, and how can we give them the most bang for their buck?

Once we have a deep understanding of style + budget + application, our sales team knows just where to go to match product + price point + production time to the project.

Each job is custom ordered at the mill. Carpets will either be in stock or need production time to be produced.  

#protip If a carpet or rug is in stock at the mill the average turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. Handmade rugs take an average of 4-6 months to complete, but can require a turnaround time as long as eight months, depending on the size.

Custom rugs make the best possible flooring foundation because it’s all about solving problems.

Ideally, every rug or carpet that gets delivered / installed for a client will be a custom rug.

It’s the space between your vision and realization.

It’s picking a 150 knot rug with 50% silk when sheen and light refraction are paramount to the design. It’s making it shine in room by going square with the rug, or popping the paint with a unique binding, or playing with percentages to play tricks with the light quality. (More silk, more sheen.)

#protip From sizing to style to silk count, a rug can be customized in a myriad of ways. Find a cool standard pattern and select colors that surprise and delight. (Online tools make it possible to play with colors and pattern in real time at the showroom. All hail modern technology!)

The key to every fabulous install is in your salesperson knowing the showroom like the back of their hand.

What are the products? Which product will be best suited to the specific project and application? How can we play the price point to everyone’s gain? In what ways can we create mood with color and pattern to make this carpet one-of-a-kind? Is there a handmade rug on hand (or on order) that would be ah-maze-ing in that room? Know just the way to apply that carpet down the stairs that will take your breath away?

Why It Matters

Serious designers committed to their craft understand the importance of the perfect carpet or rug for any project, whether residential or commercial.

They need a reliable partner — someone who knows more about flooring and textiles than anyone else  — who can be trusted with such an integral part of a successful design experience.

Designers need a go-to resource, a professional partner who always takes the time to help you… and do it right.

They need a place where they can physically see new designs, patterns, and products in a hand-picked, curated collection.

They need a company rep who knows them inside and out, someone who has their best interest in mind and a seemingly miraculous ability to pick the perfect samples for every project.

Designers need to trust that the installation will be meticulous (and that they will look damn good in front of their client).

Interior designers are best served when they forge long-lasting, loyal relationships with true-blue purveyors and installation craftsman.

And that’s why we’re here.

Make an appointment to come experience the showroom for yourself. We are at your service.

Friendly reminder, Carpet Impression is to-the-trade only. We provide Interior Designers and architects a space in which to access a cherry-picked collection of textiles (rugs + carpet) available for their client’s project. We work intimately with each designer to find the pitch-perfect product, customize it, and then install it.  

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